OUR STORY The Range is more than just a place. It’s a lifestyle. Drink Like a Ranger.

The mission of BoomTown Brewery and Woodfire Grill is to honor the resources and resourcefulness of the Range by continuously working to earn and keep your respect. Your experience is our most important job.

Our beer is brewed in locally-sourced steel tanks.

We pay homage to our rich mining heritage and the hard working men and women who carved out small towns with big dreams along the Iron Range. Proving places like Hibbing, Eveleth and Gilbert have plenty of Boom left to give.

BoomTown is for guys like Frank

Rumor has it, Frank proclaimed the feeling of rust in his bones upon reaching Site 22 in 1892. His 30 guys blasted a road from Mountain Iron to get here.

Frank, a German immigrant, was born Frans Dietrich Von Ahlen in 1857. His mother died when he was an infant. Seeking out his fortune in the New World, Frank chose her name in honor. Hibbing.

Frank knew the value of iron ore and understood the prosperity it would bring to the area. After its discovery, the townsite was declared in 1893. Frank, a timber guy from Duluth, took pride in his work and funded the first roads, sawmill, water and electrical plants. Not to mention the Bank.

The iron ore mined around Hibbing provided the raw materials necessary for the Industrial Revolution to Boom and change the world.

Brewmaster Dennis Holland
Brewmaster Dennis Holland

Meet Brewmaster Dennis Holland

Brewmaster Dennis Holland was born in California and has lived in14 states, from Alaska to Florida. Dennis lived in Portland, OR in the 80s and enjoyed the fresh flavor of craft beer.

He went to the Siebel Institute of Technology in 1990 and started his career in brewing. His first stop was as head brewer at Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland, OH.

He has been with 5 start up breweries since creating award winning brews in a variety of styles. Though he is known as a hop lover, he has won more awards for his malty ales and lagers.
Overall, it’s all about fresh beer and the best way to get that is on draft.

Here’s an excerpt from “Montana Beer: A Guide to Breweries in Big Sky Country” by Ryan Newhouse.

“One of Holland’s claims to fame, other than the countless medals he has earned as a brewer, is developing an iconic beer for the Great Lakes Brewing Company called Edmund Fitzgerald Porter. This porter is often cited by the Beer Judge Certification (BJCP) as the most stylistically correct representative of a porter within the porter category. In 1991, it won its first gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival. Today, the Great Lake Brewing Company brews over 11,300 barrels of Edmond Fitzgerald Porter every year.”

From “Beer: A Guide to Breweries in Big Sky Country” by Ryan Newhouse.


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